London Music Fund

London Music Fund

The London Music Fund (LMF) provides scholarships to outstanding young musicians across the London boroughs in partnership with London’s 32 Music Education Hubs. Sutton Music Service is incredibly proud to be part of this partnership and has seen many of our musicians complete their four years as a London Music Fund scholar. Due to the current social distancing measures, Sutton’s LMF students have fully embraced our online learning offer to continue their music making, but we are looking forward to seeing them again in person as soon as possible.

As a way of keeping in contact with our young musicians during the lockdown, we have started a social media campaign called ‘What Does Music Mean to You?’ and we asked our London Music Fund scholars that exact question. Their thoughtful and varied answers have covered a range of musical genres of composers that have been influenced by books, films and SMS ensemble rehearsals. We have enjoyed reading their responses and hope you do too:

What Does Music Mean to You?

“I like Doctor Rhythm (a piece of music I have played in my ensemble, SYTB). I like it because of the rhythm, hence the name. Also, it is very catchy. Another piece I like is Allegro (by Mozart): a song I am learning at the moment.”Oliver​ (SYSB)Tweet

“My favourite song that I have played with Sutton Music Service is ‘Thriller’. This is because I enjoy the tune and the rhythm. It is a famous song and when I play it- in the ensemble- I get the tune which is very fun to play. As it is a famous song, lots of people know it so they sing along when we play. When people sing along it makes me feel happy”.James (YMT0)Tweet

“My favourite pieces of music are The Hobbit, Main Theme and Lord of the Rings, Concerning Hobbits. I like Concerning Hobbits because it makes me feel happy, energised and ready to do anything. This is true because one morning I heard it and I had a really good day at school. I have been reading the Hobbit, and I am now reading Lord of the Rings. Both are really interesting and have an adventurous storyline. My favourite character in The Hobbit is Bilbo, the Hobbit. I like him because he is really funny, positive and daring. After reading the book I watched the films with my family; they were also absolutely fantastic. I liked the films because the music was amazing!”Luke (YMTO)Tweet

“Music in general makes me feel really joyful and brings me a lot of inspiration. My favourite piece of music is Vivaldi’s Winter because I love Baroque music the most, and Vivaldi is my favourite composer because his compositions are always fiery and full of passion! When I’m playing Winter, the music automatically makes me imagine the harsh conditions of the season. Moreover, the best part about playing Vivaldi’s Winter is that it tells a powerful story that really brings enjoyment, excitement and anticipation with every note!”Fourth Year Scholar (SYSO)Tweet