Concerts and Events

Concert Weeks 2023/24

Monday 27 November 

YMSG, YMTO (St. Andrew’s)

Tuesday 28 November

SYTB, SYSB, SYWO, SYS, SYC (St. Andrew’s)

Friday 1 December

YMO, SYSO (St. Andrew’s)

Monday 18 March

YMSG, YMTO, YMO, SYS, SYC (St. Andrew’s)

Tuesday 19 March

SYTB, SYSB, SYWO (St. Andrew’s)

Friday 22 March

SYSO (St. Andrew’s)


Monday 1 July

YMSG, YMTO (St. Andrew’s)

Tuesday 2 July

SYTB, SYSB, SYWO (St. Andrew’s)

Thursday 4 July

SYS, SYC, Sutton Community Choir (All Saints)

Friday 5 July

YMO, SYSO (St. Andrew’s)

Events 2023/24

“Up Next” @ The Sound Lounge – Tuesday 7th November

Saturday 11 November – Music Academy Recital

Monday 4 to Friday 8 December – ABRSM/Trinity Music Exams/ RSL

Wednesday 6 December – Sutton Sings Christmas! (St. Andrew’s)

Friday 21 December – SMS Christmas Busking (High Street, Sutton) 

“Up Next” @ The Sound Lounge – Tuesday 27th February

Saturday 2 March – Music Academy Recital

Monday 4 March – High Ashurst Parents Evening (St. Andrew’s)

Friday 8 to Sunday 10 March – High Ashurst Music Residential

Saturday 16th March – Music for Youth Regional Festival

Monday 25 to Friday 28 March – ABRSM/Trinity Music Exams/ RSL

Tuesday 30 April & Wednesday 1 May – KS1 Big Sing (St. Andrew’s)

TBC – SYWO (The Clore Ballroom, Southbank)

Saturday 4 May – Sutton Young Musician of the Year (All Saints, Carshalton)

Thursday 9 May –London Music Fund (LMF) Nomination Workshop

Tuesday 11 June – KS2 Big Sing (St. Andrew’s)

Saturday 15 June – Music Academy Recital

“Up Next” @ The Sound Lounge – Tuesday 9th July (Music for Youth Local Event)

Thursday 27 June – KS2 Festival (Fairfield Halls, Croydon)

Monday 8 to Friday 12 July – ABRSM/Trinity Music Exams/ RSL

TBC – YMTO Primary School Music Tour (TBC)

Thursday 25 to Tuesday 30 July – Summer Music Tour (TBC)