Peripatetic Lessons

Sutton Music Trust offers vocal and instrumental tuition to pupils in Sutton schools during their school day.

We offer tuition on a range of instruments, including:

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • DJ-ing
  • Music Production
  • Ukulele
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Piano
  • Woodwind (flute, clarinet or saxophone)
  • Strings (violin, viola or cello)
  • Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn or baritone)

All our tutors are specialist, talented musicians. They are well qualified, have followed Cognus Limited’s safer recruitment procedure, and have an Enhanced DBS.

Booking lessons

When a school asks Sutton Music Trust to provide peripatetic lessons, we provide the Music Coordinator with a letter and a flyer to send to parents and information for the school website.

  • Parents enrol for lessons via our Speed Admin registration page
  • Sutton Music Trust invoices the parents directly
  • We centrally track pupil attendance and progress
  • Different lesson types are available: Individual 20 and 30-minutes, paired and group 30-minutes (subject to suitable pairing/grouping available).
  • The tutors have regular lesson observations and receive ongoing guidance to help develop their teaching and learning

Financial assistance

Reductions are available for children who receive Free School Meals (FSM), please contact us for more information.

Interested? Get in touch

If you would like Sutton Music Trust to deliver vocal and instrumental lessons in your school, please make contact with us by emailing