London Music Fund September 2022

London Music Fund September 2022

Music has the power to change lives

Sutton Music Service strives to ensure that clear progression routes are available and affordable to all young people across the borough. One way is with the London Music Fund (LMF). Following a successful nomination round in collaboration with Sutton Primary Schools, three pupils in years 5 and 6 have just kickstarted their music education with a four-year LMF scholarship.

The new National Plan for Music Education states: All children and young people should have the opportunity to develop and progress their musical interests and talent as far as they would like, including into national or specialist opportunities, into higher education, further training, or future employment.

The nomination and recruitment processes were completed in collaboration with Sutton Music Service tutors and music leads from local primary schools. The focus was on identifying suitable pupils who would best fit this progression route. On Tuesday, 13th September, all new scholars from every London borough were invited to a scholar’s awards morning. The excited young musicians participated in a music workshop before receiving a certificate and performing to family. This memorable event took place at the 14th-century Merchant Taylor’s Hall. Sutton Music Service is delighted that three Sutton musicians were given the opportunity to perform at a prestigious venue so early on in their musical journeys.

Previous London Music Fund scholars usually continue to play their musical instrument throughout secondary school and sometimes beyond. Scholars have studied at junior conservatoires and studied at a music college after leaving secondary school.

Working in partnership with LMF is one of the ways that Sutton Music Service commits to ensuring children and young people with musical interests and talents have the opportunity to progress their interests and potential, including professionally.

Here is one of our new scholars at the Awards Morning!