Practical Music Exams

Practical Music Exams

Sutton Music Trust currently runs as a private exam centre for ABRSM, Trinity, and Rockschool London.

In the run up to your child’s music exam, please see our Frequently Asked Questions which will help with their exam preparation.

Does the accompanist stay in the room after the pieces are

No, once the pieces have been played the accompanist
leaves the room. There is no accompanist for Rockschool London exams.

Can the examiner/accompanist help with tuning at the
beginning of the exam?

The accompanist can help tune up at the beginning of the
exam, and you are encouraged to check your tuning. If you are taking a piano
exam, you can play the piano beforehand to make sure you are comfy and used
to the keys.

What will be a good time to arrive before the exam?/How
early should we arrive before the exam?

We recommend you arrive 20-30 minutes before your exam
start time. The exam board expects students to be ready 10 minutes before their
start time, as sometimes exams run ahead of schedule.

Would the examiner ask questions?

The examiner will ask questions relevant to your exam. For
example, this would include aural questions, or scale requirements.

Can you bring a tuner?

Yes, you can bring a tuner to tune up your instrument in
the warmup space.

Do I need to bring my own books?

Yes, you must bring your books to the exams. You shouldn’t
make or use photocopies unless you have written permission from the publisher

Do I need to play all the repeats in my piece?

Da capo (DC) and dal segno (DS) indications should be
followed but other repeats (including first-time bars) shouldn’t be played
unless stipulated in the syllabus. However, very short repeats can be played
at the discretion of the teacher or candidate.

Do I find out my results on the day?

Trinity: Exam marks will be emailed to your tutor the next
working day after exams finish.

ABRSM and Rockschool London: These are released approximately 1 week after exams
finish and will be emailed out to your tutor.

In both instances, the tutors will email out marks to
their students.

When do I get my certificate and mark sheet?

ABRSM and Rockschool London: Mark sheets are now digital. These will be sent to
tutors at the same time as exam results, who will distribute them.

Trinity: Mark sheets will be distributed at the same time
as certificates

Certificates for ABRSM  are printed approximately
4-8 weeks after exams. These will be distributed to students via Academy or
Ensembles, and then via post.

Certificates for Trinity and Rockschool London are digital and will be distributed to students approximately 4 to 8 weeks after exams via email. To obtain a printed certificate for a small fee, please contact the relevant exam board.