Whole Class Ensemble Tuition – FAQ

Your WCET programme will be delivered by specialist Sutton Music Trust tutors. All tutors have been appointed through the Cognus Limited safer recruitment policy, undertaken our safeguarding training, and have an Enhanced DBS check. Our tutors are expert musicians, with current music industry and professional performance experience.

If you are unsure, we recommend that you get in touch for a discussion about what might best fit the context of your school. You also need to consider the available teaching space and storage for instruments.

WCET can be delivered to any year group in KS2, however, typically schools in Sutton offer it to Year 4. 

Instruments will be provided by Sutton Music Trust, but some schools do opt to buy their own from school funds or bidding to charities.

Yes, but this does have cost implications if you have more than a one form intake. Sutton Music Trust provides one set of instruments that can be shared between multiple classes. If this is an option that you would be interested in, you would need to call us to check the instrument availability and ask for a quote.

SMT can also provide additional mouthpieces if your preference is one per child.

This rarely happens, but the school will be expected to meet the costs of replacing or repairing any damaged instruments.

The school will need to provide access to computers or tablet devices that work with headphones. Sutton Music Trust will provide access to web-based music software and provide headphones with a 3.5mm jack connection. If you are booking this pathway, we would always arrange a visit to check your available technology before confirming the order.

We will always try to offer you exactly what you want. However, the main variable is the availability of our tutors. It is easier to guarantee days and times, the earlier that we receive your con-firmed order.

This does depend on what your school would like to order, but two examples would be:

Example 1:

  • Two classes
  • Hire of 30 instruments
  • 30 weeks across the year
  • 60 mins per class
  • Two specialist tutors

£6000 ex-vat (£200 per term)

*Please note that additional costs may be required if the instruments require general maintenance or servicing, e.g. oiling brass instruments or restringing violins. Please contact us directly to discuss options.

Example 2:

  • Two classes
  • Hire of 30 instruments
  • 30 weeks across the year
  • 60 mins per class
  • One specialist tutor

£3000 ex-vat (£1000 per term)

All WCET projects are already heavily subsidised by the Arts Council England (ACE) Music Education Hub grant. However, there may be other funding bodies that you could apply to for support. Please contact us for more information.