Guidance for Ensembles

The following guidance applies to all students attending a Sutton Music Service ensemble at St Andrew’s United Reformed Church. Please read this carefully so that we can keep both students and staff safe.

Before the rehearsal

Do not attend rehearsals if you display any of the symptoms of COVID-19:

Please bring only what you need for the rehearsal: 

On arrival

Unfortunately, parents cannot enter the building.

  • Students should be dropped off outside the main entrance on Northey Avenue and be collected outside the chapel doors on The Avenue.
  • Parents should not leave until their child’s temperature has been checked.
  • Parents and students should always observe the 2 metres social distancing rule.
  • SMS staff will check each student’s temperature on arrival (this is a condition of the letting agreement with St Andrew’s United Reformed Church).
  • Students will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

At the rehearsal

  • The SMS Youth Engagement Coordinator will take a student register at the start of the rehearsal.
  • Group numbers are restricted.
  • Rehearsals will be limited to a maximum length of 45 minutes, with time for ventilation and cleaning between groups.
  • Each student will have their own chair and music stand positioned at least two metres apart.
  • Each student will use their own instrument and will not share with others for any reason.
  • Percussionists will not share sticks or beaters and will stay on one percussion instrument for the entire rehearsal.
  • The students will be given their own sheet music to keep for the whole term. 
  • All singing will be kept at low to moderate volume levels.
  • Brass players must not vent their water keys onto the floor. Instead, players should use paper towels and be responsible for removing and disposing of their own at the end of the rehearsal.
  • Brass players must use a cloth bell cover.

Feeling unwell at the rehearsal

If a student starts to feel unwell during a rehearsal, they must alert a member of staff immediately.

SMS staff will isolate the student and call their parents to arrange an immediate collection.

Please ensure that we have two up to date emergency contacts.

After the rehearsal

  • Students must take all their personal belongings.
  • Students are dismissed one at a time to maintain the 2 metres of social distancing.
  • Parents/carers should observe the 2 metre social distancing rule while waiting to collect their child.
  • Exit via the chapel door on The Avenue.

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Last Updated 28 August 2020