Guidance for Music Academy

The following guidance applies to all students attending our Wednesday and Saturday Music Academy at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy. Please read this carefully so that we can keep both students and staff safe.

Before the lesson

Do not attend Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy if you display any of the symptoms of COVID-19:

Please bring only what you need for the rehearsal: 

On arrival

  • Unfortunately, parents cannot enter the building – this is a requirement of our letting agreement with the school. Students should be dropped off five minutes before their lesson start time . Parents should not leave until their child’s temperature has been checked. 
  • Parents and students should always observe the 2 metres social distancing rule. 
  • SMS staff will check each student’s temperature on arrival.
  • Students will wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon arrival.

Whilst at Cheam Park Farm

  • Students will follow a one way system and social distance at all times in corridors and teaching rooms.
  • The students will not be required to sign themselves in- their tutor will mark attendance at the start of their lesson. 
  • Each student will use their own instrument and will not share with the tutor for any reason. 
  • Percussion tutors will not share sticks or beaters
  • The students will be responsible for bringing their homework books and music books for every lesson, and will not be able to borrow from the tutor.
  • All singing will be kept at low to moderate volume levels. 
  • Brass players must not vent their water keys onto the floor. Instead, players should use  their own paper towels/tissues and be responsible for removing and disposing of their own at the end of the lesson. 
  • Brass players must use a cloth bell cover. 


Feeling unwell during the lesson

  • If a student starts to feel unwell during the lesson, they must alert their tutor.
  • SMS staff will isolate the student and call their parents to arrange an immediate collection. 


Please ensure that we have two up to date emergency contacts.

After the lesson

  • Students must take all their personal belongings.
  • Students are dismissed one at a time to maintain the 2 metres of social distancing.
  • Parents/carers should observe the 2 metre social distancing rule while waiting to collect their child.
  • Students must leave promptly after their lesson and can picked up outside the usual entrance on Kingston Avenue. A system will be in place where parents dropping off will queue to the left of the school gate, and parents picking up will queue to the right of the school gate

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Last Updated 8 September 2020

In order to be mindful of our neighbours on Kingston Avenue and the surrounding roads, we encourage you to travel to Cheam Park Farm by foot if possible. If you do travel by car, please ensure you park legally and considerately, without blocking public driveways, or leaving car engines running.