Arts Award

Arts Award

As part of our continuing development and focus on student voice at Sutton Music Trust, we now offer our students the Gold Arts Award.

Five students from Sutton Music Trust make up the first cohort of our students who are completing the Gold Arts Award. This is a nationally recognised qualification which develops a student’s skills in arts leadership and project management.

“I am really impressed at how our students have engaged with the Gold Arts Award. They have shown great commitment and are working well as a team. I look forward to seeing all their leadership skills develop throughout the course.”

Students sat around a table in a classroom

The Gold Arts Award is a portfolio-based qualification equivalent to an A Level and is worth 16 UCAS points, making it an excellent addition to university and apprenticeship applications.

The qualification is built up of two units:

  • Unit 1 – Personal Arts Development
  • Unit 2 – Leadership of an Arts Project

In Unit 1, students develop a wide range of skills through completing tasks such as work experience in an arts organisation, reviewing a live event, and forming an argument about an arts issue.

In Unit 2, students develop a wide range of leadership skills through putting on an arts event, such as a concert or other showcase.

Two sessions in, students have learnt how to plan and promote their event, considered appropriate venues and risk assessments, and have thought about their volunteering and work experience options.

“The Gold Arts Award has given me the unique opportunity to explore my passion for the arts. So far, I've been thoroughly enjoying the course. It's taught me a diverse range of new skills that are not only enriching my own artistic abilities but are also empowering me to make a meaningful impact in my local community. My favourite aspect of the award right now is having the opportunity to learn about how to successfully lead, plan, manage, and advertise my own upcoming event!”

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