Call for student images – What Music Means to Me!

Call for student images – What Music Means to Me!

At Sutton Music Trust, we always seek opportunities to celebrate music and music education. We know that different types of music mean different things to each of us, and we are keen to learn what music means to young people across the borough.

As part of the London Borough of Sutton’s Cultural Impact Award 2023: Sutton Steams Ahead, Sutton Music Trust are looking to collect still images created by young people that show what they love about music.

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For the past three years, Sutton Music Trust has been surveying students across the borough to find out how important music is to their lives, and overwhelmingly, they have responded that it is extremely important. 

3650 young people responded to our last Youth Voice survey. For the question, "how important is music to your life?" the average was 7.5 out of 10, with over 30% of young people giving it 10 out of 10.

Get involved! Shed Loads of Happiness (Deadline 16 June 2023)

As part of Sutton Steams Ahead and the Shed Loads of Happiness event in July, we seek still images from young people that illustrate why music is so important to them. These images can be photographs, drawings, paintings, computer-generated, or a collage.

Your image might look something like this…

Computer generated image of a young person listening to music at night,

These images will be:

  • displayed as part of the Shed Loads of Happiness event on 1 July 2023 in Sutton High Street
  • displayed on the Sutton Music Trust website
  • stored in the borough’s digital archive as a record of young people’s perceptions of music in 2023 for future generations.


Please send digital scans/ copies of your’ final images to by 16 June 2023, either as an attachment or in a shared online folder.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Lead Tutor for Technology-based Music, Nathan Radley (