Christmas Busking

Christmas Busking

Sutton Music Service is a community where our members, past and present, all have a love of music in common. Our annual Christmas busking in Sutton’s high street is a chance to reconnect with our former students and spread some festive cheer.

After a jam-packed autumn term, Sutton Music Service had one last event on Friday, 16th December, that saw the return of our traditional Christmas busking in Sutton’s High Street. This event is extremely popular with our students, former students, and staff and is an opportunity to raise funds for Sutton Youth Music Supporters Association (SYMSA). SYMSA is a registered charity that helps at concerts, supports some behind-the-scenes functions, and raises funds to help buy instruments. It provides lessons subsidies, trips, and tours to ensure that Sutton’s amazing young musicians get every possible opportunity to enjoy their music-making.


This year, we were delighted to perform in two Sutton locations: strings inside the St. Nicholas Centre and brass and woodwind outside Waterstones. Members of the fantastic Sutton Community Choir also joined us. Braving the freezing temperatures, the musicians did brilliantly, and there was a fabulous festive atmosphere. The music was directed by conductors Roger Willey, Phil Aslangul and Harry Heaven. We were also joined by several former members of the Music Service who were kind enough to come back to perform side-by-side with our current students. Many former students are now studying at a conservatoire or working professionally. One former student is now studying in Chicago, USA and still made time to come and join in as part of their brief visit home.


As well as receiving many positive comments from the members of the public who stopped by to listen and say hi, SYMSA raised £260 from donations.


Thanks so much to all of the musicians that took part and all the members of the public for their generous support.

“Brass and Wind players from SWYO and SWSB, both current and alumni gathered in sub-zero temperatures on Friday, 16th December, outside Waterstones on Sutton high street to mark the Renaissance of the Christmas Busking. Despite the freezing conditions, the players managed to perform Christmas lollipops for 3 hours, delighting onlookers and warming the atmosphere with their youthful exuberance. The Sutton Community Choir joined us towards the end and enhanced the sense of Christmas cheer and goodwill to all. Well done, and a Happy Christmas to all!”

“String players from SYSO had a great time playing string quartet versions of Carols and other Christmas tunes in the St Nicholas Centre for 2 hours- the first time that string players have been involved in fundraising for SYMSA. Passers by were very enthusiastic, and we were lucky to be not quite as frozen as our Wind counterparts! It was a fun afternoon and a fine way to end the term. Merry Christmas, all!”

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