Gibson Garage Trip

Gibson Garage Trip

On Monday the 19th a selection of students from Hub Partner, ArtsOneRocks!, got the opportunity to visit Gibson Garage in London before it opened to the public and got to see a performance and Q&A from guitarist Toby Lee.

It was a fantastic event and the kids absolutely loved it, some claiming it was the ‘best trip ever.’ The students took full advantage of the experience and started playing the nice guitars on show, some dutifully fulfilling the stereotype and going straight to the Flying V! 

In addition, the students came up with some of the more thoughtful questions on the night, and even got talking to Toby Lee afterwards asking lots of questions and having a great conversation with him. (Toby Lee even gave Kris the pick he played the show with!). 

Thank you to Sutton Music Hub for the opportunity and to Gibson for the invitation.

Two students playing guitars, looking at the camera

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