Introducing… Future Brass!

Introducing… Future Brass!

As part of efforts to increase the visibility of brass instruments, and of musical progression routes for young musicians, Sutton Music Trust – working in collaboration with the Philharmonia Orchestra – has received funding from the London Music Fund for ‘Future Brass!’. The project will build beginner ensembles in four primary schools, develop the musicianship of young people, and provide inspiring professional development opportunities for tutors.

A group of young musicians play trombones and trumpets in a school hall

Building upon the students’ experiences in Year 4’s Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET), ‘Future Brass!’ ensures that they are at the centre of the project – shaping their musical journey and building a sense of musical exploration, facilitated by professional musicians.

There are also huge benefits for our young brass tutors. ‘Future Brass!’ offers them the opportunity to develop and manage a substantial project in conjunction with the Philharmonia Orchestra. This experience will be deeply inspiring for our tutors, fostering their professional growth and encouraging them to evolve their teaching practice.

By taking part in ‘Future Brass!’, a whole world of musical opportunities will be opened – to perform at the Southbank Centre, to learn a brand-new set of instruments, and to work as a musical ensemble with peers from across the borough. It also will give students taking part the opportunity to join one of Sutton Music Trust’s bands or orchestras.

At our holiday booster sessions, students who participate get the chance to come together, work as a larger group, and learn various new skills such as improvisation.

"I liked this lesson because of all the fun things we did for example: learn how to play trombone, and lots of entertaining games!"

“It was brilliant! I enjoyed playing Hot Cross Buns with my friends!”

“I liked learning the riff because it sounded nice. I enjoyed learning the new notes.”

“I really enjoyed it and I want to do it again. I liked learning how to do the riff. It’s fun to learn to play such a unique instrument.”

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Two musical logos, one for the London Music Fund which shows a colourful musical instrument made up of a violin, saxophone & keyboard and one for Signatur which displays the letters of the word climbing up a musical stave.

This project has been made possible by Partnership funding from the London Music Fund (Registered Charity No: 1141216), supported by The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation, through the Signatur programme for the advancement of the art of music.

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