Singing ‘Sounds of the Sea’!

Singing ‘Sounds of the Sea’!

Sutton Music Trust loves what we do and believes the experience of working, playing, and listening together is hugely beneficial and rewarding for all. Through our Key Stage 1 (KS1) Big Sing, we aim to bring together young singers from across Sutton to sing together and celebrate music in all its forms.

At the end of April, Sutton Music Trust welcomed KS1 singers from 16 Sutton primary schools to perform in our Sutton Sings ‘Sounds of the Sea’ concerts at St. Andrew’s Church, Cheam. We were treated to four concerts across two days, featuring a variety of sea-related songs which each school choir enjoyed selecting and rehearsing in school. In addition to these solo songs, the choirs had been working incredibly hard since January to learn four massed choir songs featuring actions and harmony singing, including ‘Drunken Sailor’ and ‘Candle on the Water’.

Our Big Sing events are a key strand of our singing strategy and help schools with providing a high-quality music education, as outlined in the National Plan for Music Education.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in one of our Big Sings:

During our concerts, each choir had the opportunity to showcase the solo songs that they had been learning in school, as well as come together to celebrate with a massed sing. The choirs did an absolutely fantastic job and were rewarded with standing ovations from our enthusiastic audiences!

The Key Stage 1 Big Sing concert was a delightful exploration of the Sounds of the Sea. Choirs from across the Borough of Sutton came together to perform a selection of songs with a sea theme. The young singers shone, both in their own performances and as part of the massed choir singing four songs together. What a fantastic way to celebrate music and the joy of singing! Thank you Sutton Music Trust for organising.

Sutton Music Trust was incredibly impressed by the standard of singing and would love to welcome the young singers who participated in our KS1 Big Sing to join our borough choirs.

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This project is offered partially subsidised as part of the Sutton Music Education Hub singing programme, supported using public funding from Arts Council England.