Spring Term Up Next at the Sound Lounge

Spring Term Up Next at the Sound Lounge

Now more than ever, music carries itself in many different forms. Sutton Music Trust strives to support all music that surrounds us by bringing to light different talents through events like “Up Next” and championing young songwriters, producers and DJ’s.

On Tuesday, 27th February, Sutton Music Trust held another night of Up Next at the Sound Lounge, one of Sutton’s brilliant music venues, which provided a great atmosphere for the young musicians, supported by a sold-out audience! We had students from our weekly Music Production Academy, DJ club and ArtsOne Rocks, a development course for Pop and Rock musicians.  

We had six acts on stage, spanning from pop singer songwriters to a six-piece rock band and a 90’s Hip-Hop DJ set. It seemed as if some of the performers had years of onstage experience as you could see such confidence between each set; it was incredibly inspiring to watch!  

A teenager performs a DJ set with a laptop on stage

“It was so great to see the variety of talent we have up and coming in Sutton. The young performers’ professionalism and passion came through and would rival that of someone who has been in the industry for many years.” 

                                        Archie Jennings, Lead Tutor for Technology-based Music, Sutton Music Trust 

The Sound Lounge is located within Sutton High Street and gives students an opportunity to perform in a professional setting, hopefully inspiring them to strive for more performance-based events in the future so they can build more confidence.

The original songs the students performed links nicely to the Music Academy courses specialising in songwriting. We have tutors who can gives detailed feedback and support to develop their works further, encouraging them to perform, compose and produce as much as possible! 

Want to get involved?

“Up Next” returns on 9th July 2024. If you would like to perform, contact us by emailing suttonmusictrust@cognus.org.uk. 

Music Production Academy meets on Wednesday evenings during term time. Find out more by clicking here

Songwriter’s Circle also meets on Wednesday evenings during term time. Find out more by clicking here

To learn to DJ, sign up for lessons at our Saturday Music Academy by clicking here.