Sutton Music Service takes part in Wooden Overcoats Podcast

Sutton Music Service takes part in Wooden Overcoats Podcast

In December, Sutton Music Service’s Young Musicians Orchestra (YMO) and Sutton Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) were invited to record a selection of musical cues for the award-winning podcast sitcom, Wooden Overcoats.


All the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of recording in a large group and working with a composer. Great work to everyone who got involved!


“Your musicality enhances the fourth and final season of podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats in ways that we could not have imagined.” – James Whittle


 Wooden Overcoats Season 4 begins with episodes released weekly on Thursdays. Here is when you can hear the episodes featuring YMO and SYSO’s playing:

Episode 2 ‘Old School Funn’ – Thursday 20th January 
(SYSO School Hymn & Burst of Orchestra)

Episode 5 ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ – Thursday 10th February (SYSO & YMO Pirate Action Scene Music)

Episode 10 ‘A Funn Farewell’ – Thursday 31st March (SYSO Flashback Scene and SYSO & YMO End Credits).

You can listen to all episodes and read all of the scripts on the Wooden Overcoats website:

The show is also available to listen to on all podcast players and apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. – just search ‘Wooden Overcoats’.

For more information on this initiative, click here