Young Musician of the Year 2023

Young Musician of the Year 2023

Sutton Music Trust aims to help every young person in the London Borough of Sutton to make, be inspired by and to celebrate the music they love. Our Young Musician of the Year Junior Masterclass and Competition showcased some outstanding performances which inspired all who attended.

On Saturday, 29th April 2023, Sutton Music Trust held its annual Young Musician of the Year event, split into a Junior Masterclass and Competition. The audience was treated to 29 performances throughout the day, of which Phil Aslangul accompanied a majority.


Our adjudicator for each section of the day was Tim Lissimore, Deputy Headteacher of Wilson’s School, who had some incredibly difficult decisions to make.

“I was incredibly proud to hear all the performances at both sessions of the Young Musician of the Year event – each one was a testament to each student’s hard work and resilience. You should be extremely proud of what you achieved!”

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